How to Make the Right Choice for Effective Change Management

Technology is continuously being improved, upgraded and transformed, most times for the better as systems are streamlined, bugs are repaired, and enhancements are unveiled. While those updates are often necessary, rolling them out to an entire company in a timely, effective, and prioritized way is not always easy.

Through successful Change Management practices—abiding by “standardized methods, processes, and procedures which are used for all changes”—companies can efficiently introduce new technology in a precise, well-controlled way. 

We recently caught up with two of our Crossfuze IT Change Management experts, Don Frank and Samson Chilampath. Together they shared their philosophy on the vital importance of and how to effectively implement successful Change Management. By following best practices, including establishing a strict pattern of conducting due diligence, establishing a priority list and creating a traceability system, rolling out a Change Management system can become a positive experience for IT departments.


CMDB: Why It’s Vital To Progressive Growth

Research shows that only 15% of CMDB implementations are successful*. So it is no surprise that many businesses bypass CMDB, and jump right into incident management. But experience has taught us that a CMDB is a vital part of successfully transitioning into the asset, incident, and change management space. In fact, research has shown that IT organizations with application dependency mapping solutions, applied to change management, are twice as likely to be successful in deploying critical IT business services. ** So why is it that CMDB installations go so horribly wrong?

I sat down with one of our in-house ServiceNow experts, Jack Kosoff, to discuss not only why this happens, but also why the successful implementation of a CMDB is vital to Business Service success. Before we dive into the intricacies of service mapping, a process that is absolutely vital to successful CMDB implementation, let's first understand the basics.


How To Find The Right Partner For Your Phase One ServiceNow Project

ServiceNow Smart Essentials IV

At last year’s IT Service Management (ITSM) Leadership Council meeting in the UK, Chris Williams, director of service management at EE, discussed the need for bigger, better Service Management talent. He suggested that progressive businesses looking at ITSM solutions for transformational change, needed solutions integrators and great communicators.

“We need people with a deep understanding of the commercial aspects of the businesses we support, who are highly adaptive and can predict the rapidly evolving environment we work in. This means we need to radically change the way we identify talent, recruit and develop our people,” he stated.*

Williams’ hits the nail on the head. Gartner’s 2016 CIO Insights Report states that 22% of their sample of 2,000+ CIO's said that talent, or lack thereof, was the single biggest issue standing in the way of achieving their objectives.