Have You Achieved Superstar Status with ServiceNow?

We’ve all heard countless, real-life testimonials about ServiceNow’s effectiveness at moving digital transformation initiatives forward. Sooner than later, you want to know: When is it my turn? Where are my ServiceNow victories? Maybe it’s time for an honest self-assessment:

Are you getting triple-digit ROI?

Are you well on your way to expanding ServiceNow’s value beyond IT?

Are you being praised for masterfully transforming how people work?

Are your colleagues making room in the trophy case for your “Greatest Technology Implementation Ever” award?

Are you laughing? You shouldn’t be. Crossfuze clients can honestly answer “Yes” to all of the questions above. If you’re not experiencing runaway success with ServiceNow, perhaps it’s time to explore a partner change. Because the fact is, you deserve superstar status with ServiceNow too.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The team at Crossfuze has added tremendous value to our ServiceNow initiatives. They are always there to make sure we are staying true to our roadmap and accelerating our speed toward our ServiceNow vision.”

Naresh Samlal
Associate Vice President, IT Support
VITAS Healthcare

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IT Directors:

Say Goodbye to Mediocre, Problem-Plagued ServiceNow Rollouts

Crossfuze ensures that your ServiceNow implementation efforts aren’t derailed by painful, costly delays. That’s because we don’t treat implementations as just another check mark on your “to-do” list. We understand that ServiceNow is at the heart of how you directly contribute to company growth and profitability. Plus, when it comes to your career trajectory, there’s nothing more important than a ServiceNow win to cement your reputation as a capable digital transformation leader.

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If you’re experiencing lackluster success with ServiceNow, it’s not the platform that’s to blame. It’s most likely your partner’s inability to help you deliver win-worthy results.


ServiceNow isn’t just for ITSM anymore; it’s for your entire organization. How can you help non-IT leaders speak the universal language of ServiceNow’s value? Simple, download this eBook today and share it with them tomorrow, 10 Pillars of ServiceNow Digital Transformation for the Non-IT Leader.


Beat the Odds Before the Odds Beat You

The average CIO’s tenure is just 4.3 years, barely half the average CEO’s tenure. That’s why CIOs only have two choices: Transform rapidly, or start looking for another job. CIOs are being pegged as digital transformation leaders (fairly or unfairly), which means that showing significant, rapid ROI on your ServiceNow investment has never been more critical. Crossfuze helps CIOs beat the odds of a short-lived tenure by guiding efficient, risk-averse ServiceNow transformation initiatives.

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Crossfuze clients know we always have their back and will maintain relentless focus on tipping the scales of ServiceNow success in their favor. We can do the same for you.


Future success with ServiceNow requires a strong, stable, and scalable foundation. Learn how to construct a foundation that is guaranteed to continuously deliver meaningful wins at every point of your digital transformation journey. Download the 10 Pillars of ServiceNow Success for CIOs now!


Win the Race to ServiceNow ROI

The day you get your ServiceNow licenses is the day the race to ROI begins. As CFO, you expect ServiceNow’s business case will prove itself out. As ServiceNow is rolled out across IT and/or other business units, you should see impressive results at every milestone along your long-view ServiceNow roadmap. To win this ROI race, you must work together with your CIO to track every point of return and ensure constant alignment to business outcomes. Is your organization winning the race, or languishing behind your competition?

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Track to the Future

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We recognize the vital role that CFOs play in underpinning an enterprise-wide growth strategy, and we know where and how ServiceNow fits in. If you’re not seeing the expected ROI from your ServiceNow investment, LetsTalk@Crossfuze.com.


With ServiceNow’s ROI proven to be in the triple digits, you should be delivering similar results. The probability to do so significantly increases if you have a business case and vision that align to your corporate strategy. Are you posed for triple digit ROI? Find out by watching the Enterprise Service Management Vision and Business Case on-demand webinar today!

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