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Many businesses are stuck at the turn of the last century, with customer service management capabilities that are limited at best—and archaic at worst. As a result, customer satisfaction and loyalty end up veering in avoidable, high-risk territory.

The underlying challenge is that customer service for decades relied on resolving customer inquiries one at a time, and then painstakingly logging the incidents into multiple, disconnected systems. This approach did not allow Customer Service Management (CSM) teams to efficiently analyze root causes of customer problems, to understand the relationships among these problems, and to provide visibility and interconnectivity among the solutions they develop. In other words, CSM teams desperately need to modernize.

Today’s business environment demands that your company puts itself on an optimal, accelerated path to modernizing CSM systems and workflows. Companies that Crossfuze works with are recognizing what this CSM ecosystem looks like. They’re combining the power of their ServiceNow CSM platform with Crossfuze’s unique understanding of how contact centers—when properly configured and operated—drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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ServiceNow brings CSM into the 21st century

ServiceNow CSM creates strategic interconnectivity and dynamic engagement with customers, workflows, and processes. Your customer service teams will be able to visualize these relationships in real time, which, in turn, will create unprecedented opportunities to:


Intelligently assign and route customer inquiries


Collaborate and share knowledge and insights


Conduct root-cause analyses


Reduce handling time


Provide robust self-service options

Crossfuze brings additional speed, efficiency, and agility to your CSM modernization

When Crossfuze partners with you, you’ll benefit from a thorough, independent assessment of all of the systems and processes that tie into your CSM operations. Crossfuze then uses this assessment to configure and customize ServiceNow CSM to align with your strategic business goals, especially as they relate to the customer experience. Customer experience, or CX, has been shown to drive significant improvement to bottom-line profitability; indeed, this is why your goal should be to optimize CSM in a way that strengthens your customers’ long-term loyalty.

Crossfuze’s approach to CSM modernization revolves around improving the customer experience. Our ServiceNow CSM team will deliver:


Deep understanding of how to craft and communicate a CSM vision that is aligned with strategic business objectives


A CSM-specific business case that quickly gains buy-in and trust from the C-suite


An implementation roadmap that accelerates your ability to deliver early wins


Solutions that reduce application customization time and that streamline processes


Integration with other data systems to gain a holistic view of your customers

The best of Crossfuze’s CSM solutions are codified in the CSM Quickfuze™ Application

Through our years of working with contact centers, Crossfuze has identified commonalities and patterns in how organizations configure and use ServiceNow CSM. We’ve codified these best-practices solutions in the Crossfuze CSM Quickfuze application, a robust solution that rapidly gets you 80% of the way toward your fully customized CSM configuration—in a matter of a few weeks, instead of many months.

With the Crossfuze CSM application, you won’t lose any flexibility in how you customize your solution. What you will gain, however, is a universal, core configuration for your CSM platform that you can then build upon and customize to meet your unique business and CX goals. The Crossfuze CSM Quickfuze application is a time-tested, user-approved foundation for long-term CSM success, and it’s automatically included when you partner with Crossfuze for ServiceNow CSM implementation.

Let Crossfuze show you the way

Crossfuze will be there through every step of your CSM implementation. We’ll help you:


Develop a business case for ServiceNow CSM


Create a long-term CSM implementation roadmap that we guarantee will deliver quick wins and align to your strategic business and CX priorities


Take care of all of the technical aspects of configuration, as well as dramatically reduce the time required for customization


Provide you with ongoing, customized support that meets your evolving business needs, via our iPOWER virtual admin program and our contact center managed support service

Crossfuze is so confident in our abilities to modernize your CSM processes that we offer a 90-day guarantee for every implementation we do. Crossfuze has helped hundreds of organizations quickly unlock the transformational power of the ServiceNow CSM platform, and we’re ready to help you as well. Your customers will not stick around patiently as you fall further and further behind with modernizing your CSM and bringing your CX into the 21st century. You need to move rapidly and assertively to transform your approach. Let Crossfuze help you take advantage of this transformation to drive your bottom line and reap its profits.

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ServiceNow Success for CIOs

Crossfuze is easy to work with. They add tremendous value with their experience and creativity with ServiceNow. The best part is that they know how to maximize the ServiceNow platform. They stick to the schedule, even when there are unexpected curves in the road. They always will go out of their way to provide a great experience.

Manager of ERP Systems

Global Food Products company

Crossfuze rescued the project without affecting the original timeline. The last rollout and double upgrade were the most efficient, best executed upgrade of any platform I have been involved in over my 15+ years working in Service Management.

Global ITSM Manager

Global Consumer Products Company

Working with Crossfuze is one of the joys of my development life. They consistently suggest solutions to problems that I would not have considered—and the solutions delivered are easy to maintain and to enhance. Their ‘value-add’ is extremely high.

Mary Barrett

Application Architect, County of Ventura

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