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More business processes, resources, and assets than ever are being implemented and managed under the umbrella of enterprise-wide IT Service Management. This transformative service delivery model is enabling organizations across all sizes and all industries to dramatically lower costs and exceed user expectations. Requirements in today’s ultra-competitive and global markets include automation, scalability, and agility. ServiceNow is the world’s most powerful answer to the question of delivering modern ITSM.

Crossfuze is here to guide you in optimizing your ServiceNow decision. That’s the sole reason for our existence, and we have the experience, expertise, and insights to back up our ServiceNow work. You don’t have to risk transitioning to an IT Service Management delivery model when Crossfuze is at your side.

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Transform Your Organization with Enterprise ITSM from Crossfuze

The cloud-based ServiceNow ITSM platform is unlike any other IT project you’ve tackled; in fact, you should stop thinking of it as an IT project at all. ServiceNow ITSM is a powerful platform that pervades every aspect of how work gets done and gets tracked and managed. IT service management calls on every member of the enterprise—from end users to the C-suite—to fundamentally rethink their workflows and processes, and ultimately to rally around a cohesive, unified vision for delivering cloud-based services to the enterprise as a whole.

Your organizational vision for IT service management should not reflect what it represents to your enterprise now or even six months from now. Rather, it should reflect what ITSM has the potential to be in five or 10 years. It’s the sort of transformation that requires commitment and continuous evolution, and Crossfuze will never lose sight of your vision. We’ll help you dream big. We’ll help you reimagine your organization in a whole new light.

Implement ServiceNow ITSM Management with Speed & Confidence

Dreaming big is not always encouraged in the realm of IT implementation. The stakes are too high, the funding too tight, and the risks too large. In fact, transformations can be synonymous with a slow pace and languishing results. Leading companies achieve IT service management efficiencies in a manner that is both rapid and game-changing.

Partnering with Crossfuze is your optimal opportunity to have it all. Crossfuze has helped more than 500 clients maximize ServiceNow’s potential to transform the entire organization. We can rapidly assess your organization and develop recommendations and plans for quickly achieving the IT service management victories you desire.

Achieve Fast ServiceNow IT Service Management Wins with Crossfuze

The road to ServiceNow implementation success can be challenging, especially when you set your sights on an enterprise-wide ITSM transformation. But Crossfuze will keep you focused and on track. We will help you accelerate time-to-value. And we will set you up for both early wins and long-term success.

Crossfuze Expertise Helps You Optimize Your ServiceNow Investment


Codifying your vision in an ITSM implementation roadmap: A ServiceNow implementation roadmap allows you to flesh out your vision for the IT service management transformation you seek. Crossfuze helps you optimize the design, pacing, and organizational structure of this roadmap. Our focus is on creating a manageable implementation plan that reflects organizational goals and needs, while adaptable enough to respond to evolving business priorities over the long term. Crossfuze also takes special care to build early wins into the roadmap, ensuring you can create positive momentum that propels your team to future success.


Assuming the optimal amount of risk: IT service management teams tend to proceed cautiously because the prospect of a grand transformation is daunting. Crossfuze knows how to align the value your business needs and what’s possible from ServiceNow ITSM. We help you strike the optimal balance between risk-taking and rapidly achieving the full promise and potential of your ServiceNow transformation.


Simulating ITSM workflows and sequences: Some organizations hire IT service management consultants who spend months interviewing folks and preparing a lengthy report outlining findings and recommendations. This approach does not help you accelerate results, and the final report tends to collect dust on the desk of your C-suite. Crossfuze takes a wholly different approach to understanding your organization’s ITSM needs and priorities. We facilitate interactive simulations that bring together stakeholders and users to run through real-world ITSM scenarios. Participants must engage critically throughout this process, and the outcomes become immediately actionable, as they ensure the accurate development of your IT service management vision and implementation roadmap.


Motivating and evangelizing stakeholders: The success of your IT service management transformation is dependent on getting buy-in and support from your end-user stakeholder community. Crossfuze implementation specialists are more than just technical experts; we are intimately familiar with the organizational context into which your ServiceNow implementation plan fits. Crossfuze knows how to navigate these waters, keeping you doing exactly what’s required—to engage, motivate, and inspire your end-user community to embrace the ITSM transformation. Experience has taught Crossfuze that the end goal is to turn your stakeholders into ServiceNow evangelists, amplifying the impact and reach of the transformation message.

If you are ready to learn more about how Crossfuze can optimize your IT service management transformation journey, reach out to us for a free consultation.

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