How the Crossfuze Quickfuze™ Suite Contributes to Your ServiceNow™ Win

Crossfuze Quickfuze Suite

Are you just beginning to implement ServiceNow or are you a veteran who is now getting requests from other departments to use ServiceNow? No matter what end of the maturity spectrum you are on, expectations for success are high for a “wow” ending of 2017 and a smart start of 2018.

Crossfuze understands, and that’s why we’ve pioneered providing our clients with packaged code to help ensure that their ongoing success with ServiceNow aligns clearly with desired business outcomes in IT and beyond. In the last ten years, we’ve described our packaged code as Turnkeys. Now we call them Quickfuze applications.

Why the name change? Turnkeys wasn’t communicating the capabilities and value of the coded applications and how they dramatically boosted the performance of the out-of-the-box ServiceNow platform. The new name, Quickfuze Suite is better aligned with the guaranteed outcomes it delivers.

The meaning of the name, Quickfuze

The new naming convention helps to communicate the value our applications add to the ServiceNow platform.

Quick—helps to convey the speed at which we can get clients to customization, saving weeks of development time and thus unnecessary budget spend and resource burn.

Fuze—is the safe and seamless connection our Quickfuze applications have with the ServiceNow platform, giving our clients instant peace mind knowing that actual users vet the features and functionality and the added code is safe for current, and future ServiceNow releases.

At the core of the Quickfuze Suite

Our time-tested and proven code comes from years of development work made up of thousands of hours of creative thinking, talking with actual users in all functional areas of the enterprise, testing code with our exclusive beta community, and close relationship with ServiceNow. All of this brings to the market applications that get ServiceNow users 80% to customization from the day they install it, leaving only 20% to whiteboard out and provide even higher specificity. The main business benefits are:

•    Cut the anticipated time to deliver the 80% functionality from months to weeks

•    Decrease configuration costs

•    Rely less on hit and miss methodology

•    Get faster results – easier

•    Remove risk of failure

•    Get to work with higher value capabilities sooner

Interested in knowing what applications are in the Crossfuze Quickfuze Suite? Don’t wait, check them out now and request a demo

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