How you can achieve quality and speed during a ServiceNow implementation

January 31, 2017


Many project managers will tell you that the optimal way to set project deadlines is to find the right balance between quality and speed. The problem is that this advice assumes you must make a tradeoff between quality and speed. What if you could have both when implementing ServiceNow? When you work with an exceptional ServiceNow implementation partner like Crossfuze, you’ll learn that quality and speed are not an either/or proposition. Crossfuze has developed strategies and solutions that are specifically designed to ensure you will achieve a high level of quality without sacrificing all-important speed. Let’s explore why quality and speed during a Crossfuze ServiceNow implementation are not mutually exclusive goals:

  1. You can use Turnkeys to get you 80% of the way there: There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to writing code for ServiceNow. Thousands of organizations have already proven what works best. Crossfuze has codified these user-tested, user-approved solutions into our 12+ proprietary Turnkeys, which will instantly activate powerful, valuable functionalities. Crossfuze Turnkeys jump-start your development work by handing you an 80% foundation upon which to build, allowing you to focus on just the 20% you want to customize that optimize the ServiceNow investment.
  2. You can implement in phases: Even for areas without Crossfuze Turnkey solutions, you don’t have to wait for months to begin seeing value. You can divide your implementation into short, discrete phases, each with a fully functional product at the end. These bite-sized chunks are products you’ll be able to show off immediately. Crossfuze will help you figure out how to break your implementation strategy into these defined phases.
  3. You can focus on the backend: Sometimes the opportunity to rapidly achieve value comes via the backend. If you cannot incrementally phase in fully functional products, you can often rapidly deliver tangible results on the backend.
  4. You can work toward achieving early victories: One of the most important strategies for attaining speed without compromising quality is to set up your organization to achieve early victories. With this approach, you simply pick the high-value projects that can be completed quickly and with a relatively small investment—and you do them first. Your early success with ServiceNow gets communicated into the enterprise allowing for new ideas on how your investment can be leveraged.

Crossfuze understands the importance of maintaining both speed and quality during ServiceNow implementation. Our proprietary Turnkey solutions are designed specifically to propel you to rapid, high-quality victories. Crossfuze also will help you design a phased implementation strategy, and help you focus on high-value backend work and early victories.   Thank you for reading this post. Please consider sharing it if you found it to be insightful. To dive deeper into this topic, please contact us with any questions at

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