Free Webinar will Provide Expert ServiceNow Help to Support Organizational Change Management

OCM Webinar

The Director of ServiceNow’s Champion Enablement Program will introduce you to a suite of self-help resources intended to drive ServiceNow adoption

The decision to move forward with ServiceNow can be an exciting time and great opportunity to improve processes and functionality that drive value.

However, the rollout of improved processes and functionality can be a nail-biting experience, punctuated by unforeseen setbacks and institutional resistance to change - regardless of the technology. You are asking a lot of people to change entrenched workflows and legacy habits in a compressed timeframe, and get up to speed with “the new way” as soon as possible. During times like these, you’re no doubt going to be asking yourself: How have companies like mine dealt with this uncertainty? What are their proven-practices for supporting organizational change management (OCM)?

ServiceNow recognizes that all organizations stand to benefit from seeing the frameworks, templates, guides, and FAQs that are most essential to drive OCM and successful ServiceNow adoption. That’s why ServiceNow has bundled resources and insights into a centralized, online self-help center known as the ServiceNow® Champion Enablement Center™.

To help you get the most out of this free resource, Crossfuze is honored to have the program’s director, Bimala Tullock, present a webinar on the ServiceNow Champion Enablement Program on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, at 2 p.m. EST.

During the “Organizational Change Management and ServiceNow” webinar, Bimala will explain the value of the program’s governance frameworks and share templates from the resource center to guide you in communicating, managing, and introducing ServiceNow across your organization.

Bimala will also explain how to designate a group of ServiceNow Champions within your organization; these are the employees who take on leadership roles covering a variety of areas related to ServiceNow implementation.

And you’ll be introduced to the program’s international ServiceNow Champions online community, which you can use to forge collaboration opportunities, share and read success stories, and pose and answer questions.

All of us at Crossfuze are excited to introduce you to the Champion Enablement Program and to Bimala. Bimala has spent the past 15 years working in technology sales, services and support roles, where she’s learned that success happens when organizations focus on value creation, driving adoption, and not just the technical implementation.

Bimala will be joined by Crossfuze CMO John Ryan. To sign up to attend this free Crossfuze webinar, which is part of Crossfuze’s Services Reimagined Webinar Series, please go to

For more information about the ServiceNow Champion Enablement Program, go to

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