7 Tips for Maximizing Your Time at ServiceNow Knowledge 2019

It's already the middle of March, and that means Knowledge 2019, the biggest ServiceNow conference of the year, is just around the corner! Beginning on May 5th, thousands of ServiceNow users and those new to the platform will gather in Las Vegas for a week packed with keynotes, breakouts, and labs (and, not to mention, parties!) all designed to help you take work to the next level with ServiceNow. 

Here at Crossfuze, we're gearing up for a fantastic show, and are more excited than ever to share how you can Level Up with Crossfuze at Knowledge 2019. As veteran show-goers, we've gathered a lot of wisdom over the years on how to make the most of your time at ServiceNow Knowledge and we've boiled it down to the seven best tips for maximizing your time at the conference: 


KNOWLEDGE 2019 SUCCESS TIP #1: Know the Lay of the Land

Have you ever gone to Disney? If you have, you know it’s a vacation about planning well and doing your homework before you show up and have fun with Mickey and friends. The same goes for Knowledge. Begin by asking yourself:

What do I plan on achieving while there?

What do I want to learn and share with my team?

What session tracks make the most sense based on my role?

How will attending make my job easier and project outcomes more successful?

Study the agenda and floor plan carefully. Lock sessions and trainings into your calendar with alerts (make sure your calendar is set for Vegas time!). Create a list of companies you want to visit during exhibit hours and next to each write the questions you want to ask them.

The fact is, you’ll get the most out of the show if you plan ahead.


KNOWLEDGE 2019 SUCCESS TIP #2: Be Open to Making New Friends

Knowledge is all about collaboration and education. One way to best understand new and creative ways to use ServiceNow is to ask other users what they are doing and experiencing. For example, if you’re attending keynotes, sessions, demos, labs, CreatorCon, etc., sit by people you don’t know and ask them questions such as:

What have you implemented so far?

How are you soliciting user feedback?

How have you gained buy-in from other departments?

What’s next on your roadmap?

In what ways are users benefiting from ServiceNow?

What are your biggest challenges and how do you plan on overcoming them?

Be inquisitive and ask a lot of questions. Get their business card and write on the back what they’ve implemented. If you end up implementing something they already did, reach out to them and ask if you can pick their brain about lessons-learned.

Knowledge 2019 doesn’t end just because the conference doors close. Keep the conversation and exchange of knowledge flowing! Heck, not only will you learn a ton, you’ll make some new friends along the way!


KNOWLEDGE 2019 SUCCESS TIP #3: Be in the Know at Knowledge 2019

One of the best ways to be in the know at Knowledge is to follow #know19 on Twitter and LinkedIn. Before, during and after the show, this hashtag is popping up with all kinds of info, insight, and news about what people are learning, seeing and experiencing. It will also help you know what fun is happening at the show during the parties, booth hours, and all around Vegas as people hit the strip and soak in the lights, action, and activities in and around Knowledge 2019. Get the Twitter and LinkedIn app on your phone and check it often, especially when at the show. No one wants to be left out. Be in the know with #know19!

And, by the way, for a little fun be sure to check out the #Know19memes.


KNOWLEDGE 2019 SUCCESS TIP #4: Knowledge 2019 isn’t all about you…

If others on your team or in other departments were going to the show, what would they find helpful as it pertains to leveraging ServiceNow for their digital transformation initiatives? If the answer to that doesn’t easily and quickly roll off your tongue with confidence, then you’re missing out on one of the most valuable benefits for going to Knowledge 2019.

Here’s your tip: Before you go, ask what others want to know.

Be their reporter on the scene to gather up information that they could use to better understand the benefits ServiceNow can deliver to meet their objectives and goals. Bring back meaningful insight so that your story about why they should implement ServiceNow is more compelling.

Bonus Tip: Come by the Crossfuze booth and pick up the 3rd edition in the Pillars of ServiceNow Success book series: ServiceNow Digital Transformation for the Non-IT Leader.


KNOWLEDGE 2019 SUCCESS TIP #5: Knowledge 2019 Easy Recall

Ever wonder how many gigabytes of storage your brain would have it was a computer? Answer: ~2,500,000 gigabytes

That’s a lot of storage!

Knowledge 2019 will put your brain on overdrive as it tries to capture, retain, and remember everything you experienced. What do you say we give our brains a little help?

Try these tricks to remember Knowledge 2019 experiences more clearly and quickly:

Grab a notebook or download an app. Jot down the things that you don’t want to forget as you go about your day. There are several easy ways to do it. Type your notes into your “notes” app on your phone, write it down in a notebook, or speak your notes using a dictation app.

Take pictures. Use your phone to take photos of key moments like visiting a booth, slides from a presentation, or what’s on the screen during a demo.  After the show, those photos will help to jog your memory.

Create a to-do list. Make a list of all the things you want to be sure to do while at Knowledge 2019. As you complete each one, check them off your list. Refer back to your to-do list so that you can recall what you learned while at the show.


KNOWLEDGE 2019 SUCCESS TIP #6: Party Vegas Style!

Check to see if your partner is holding any evening events. If so, see if you can grab an invite. Parties aren’t only fun and a good way to unwind, they also allow you the opportunity to rub shoulders with the salespeople and technical folks that you work with every day--or have in the past. Take the opportunity to meet your partner’s team in person. Pick their brains about where they see the ServiceNow market going and how you can leverage the platform in other areas of your organization.

If you don't have a partner yet and would like to party Vegas style, email us at letstalk@crossfuze.com for an invitation to the Crossfuze party! We would love to have you as our special guest. 


KNOWLEDGE 2019 SUCCESS TIP #7: Knowledge 2019 Packing Tips

Having attended seven Knowledge events, we know a thing or two about the dos and don'ts for preparing for a successful show. Here are some essential packing tips:

  • Bring the most comfortable shoes you have. Don’t let your fashionista side dictate what shoes you wear. Ditch the fashion and go with comfort. You’ll be glad you did when you walk miles (literally) a day. Pack some bandaids too, just in case.

  • Pack comfortable clothing. Knowledge is typically a sea of polo shirts, button-down shirts, dockers and even jeans. You’ll be hauling around all kinds of stuff in your backpack and walking miles each day. Wear clothing that allows you to keep cool and enables you to move around easily.

  • Fuel your energy with finger-foods. Keeping your energy level up at Knowledge is critical. Pack some granola bars or even carrots (yep, carrots are a great natural energy booster). Bring them with you each day of the show. When you’re feeling a bit run-down, grab them out of your backpack and fuel up! Another tip, bring gum or something to freshen the breath. You’ll be talking with a lot of people so keeping fresh is appreciated by all ;).

  • External phone charger, don’t leave home without one. Nothing’s worse than not having your phone at the ready, especially when you’re away from the office and your family. With an external phone charger, say goodbye to wasting time sitting in a hallway at an outlet waiting for your phone to charge. Simply plug in and continue to explore Knowledge 2019!

So there you have it, our seven top tips for Knowledge 2019 success. We hope these bits of advice have been helpful and that you plan to attend this year. The conference is sure to be a fun, insightful experience for all.  

If you are going, be sure to stop by the Crossfuze booth to say "hello" to our success consultants and pick their brains about anything ServiceNow. We also have lots of fun booth activities planned, including a digital prize wheel with a chance to win one of three $500 vacation gift cards, as well as the unveiling of our new, interactive ServiceNow Success Workbook!

We look forward to seeing you at the show! 

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