On-Demand Webinar: CSM in the Real World

Customer Experience is more than a buzzword. According to McKinsey, “A fundamental change of mind-set focusing on the customer, along with operational and IT improvements, can generate a 20-30% uplift in customer satisfaction, a 10-20% improvement in employee satisfaction, and economic gains ranging from 20-50%.”
Discover those operational and IT improvements for your organization through the ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) solution.

To learn how, join our webinar and hear from two of Crossfuze’s industry-leading CSM experts. With insight gleaned from CSM customers across Europe and North America, they’ll discuss:

• What is CSM, and how does it differ from ITSM?
• The risks of serving external customers with ITSM
• Practical use cases and real-world examples of CSM success
• Strategies for expanding from ITSM to CSM

Unlock how you can unite business functions, streamline workflows, and elevate the customer experience using ServiceNow CSM.
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Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow CSM
Total Economic Impact of ServiceNow CSM

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ServiceNow CSM Success: Focus Brands