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On-Demand Webinar: ServiceNow & CSM: Raising CSAT while Reducing Costs

Traditional Customer Service Solutions are Broken. Traditional customer service solutions succeed at engagement and developing customer relationships, but fail to deliver solutions that diagnose and permanently fix root causes of customer issues. To truly increase customer loyalty you need to do more…

Service Management is a better approach to customer service. ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management helps companies deliver effortless, connected, and proactive customer service. 

This on-demand webinar will discuss how ServiceNow CSM has the capabilities to: 

  • Fix Root Causes: The Customer Service Management approach offers all the capabilities typical of traditional customer service solutions – but in addition, it offers a structured process to identify and permanently fix the root cause of customer issues, involving everyone responsible for the end-to-end service delivery.
  • Engage and Empower: ServiceNow CSM offers a robust self service portal and omni-channel connections
  • Optimize the Service Experience: CSM is able to examine trends and act on insights to drive continuous improvement across the organization
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