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Building a ServiceNow Foundation Origami Risk, a company that offers an industry-leading cloud soware platform for the risk and insurance industry, was seeking to streamline and automate the management of its IT-related services when the company initially implemented ServiceNow in late 2018. With Crossfuze's award-winning expertise for implementing ServiceNow, they were the logical choice to assist Origami Risk with their implementation. Crossfuze helped Origami Risk identify a clear path forward for the company to achieve its ambitious ServiceNow goals, including: ▶ Eliminating clunky manual processes ▶ Boosting employee productivity ▶ Increasing job satisfaction Need for an Integration with Slack At the same time, Origami Risk also was acutely aware that its workforce of about 300 employees worldwide already were using Slack, a cloud-based collaboration hub, to track and manage work of all kinds. Slack is open at all times on Origami Risk employees' desktops, laptops, and phones. Although Origami Risk had the option to implement existing integration technology that tracked ServiceNow activity from within Slack, employees were still required to log into ServiceNow in order to take action on ServiceNow approval items. Delays with ServiceNow Approvals The need to toggle between Slack and ServiceNow was inefficient for Origami Risk; managers work in Slack all day long, but only log into ServiceNow as they had time. This meant employees requiring new hardware or soware assets may have to wait several hours for their managers to approve requests. This lag in response slowed down employee productivity Developing a Slack-ServiceNow Integration Solution Origami Risk turned to Crossfuze for help. Crossfuze took a good look at the challenges Origami Risk had before them and recognized that a custom integration would need to be built to connect Slack and ServiceNow. The Crossfuze team reassured Origami Risk that toggling between the two platforms was a common business pain point, and most importantly, they could resolve it quickly and economically. Crossfuze's solution was to develop the Slack Approvals Integration for ServiceNow, an integration that enables Slack users to approve ServiceNow change requests and catalog items without ever leaving their Slack instance. A CROSSFUZE TM SERVICENOW TM SUCCESS STORY Origami Risk: Integrating Slack with ServiceNow for a Seamless Change Approvals Process LETSTALK@CROSSFUZE.COM ∙ CROSSFUZE.COM

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