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A top-ranked, New York-based law firm with about 500 attorneys was facing a daunting challenge when it approached Crossfuze: The firm wasn't seeing the return on its ServiceNow investment they had hoped for. The firm had implemented ServiceNow IT Service Management a few years prior—and the rollout was disappointing. X ServiceNow was breaking constantly: Prior ServiceNow implementation partners over-customized the platform. The original intent was to minimize the amount of changes the firm would need to make in migrating from its on-premises IT ticketing system. However, as a result, the system did not adhere to best-practice configurations. X ServiceNow could not be upgraded: Every time the firm wanted to complete a twice-annual ServiceNow update, the update would fail. X Upkeep was expensive: The firm needed to make constant, costly investments to fix problems and keep ServiceNow up and running. Crossfuze Rebuilds Firm's Trust and Confidence By the time Crossfuze was selected as the firm's ServiceNow implementation partner, the firm's leadership had little to no trust in ServiceNow partners. Crossfuze needed to restore the trust in implementation partners, and convince the firm that A CROSSFUZE SUCCESS STORY Law Firm Achieves Miraculous Turnaround For Its Underperforming ServiceNow TM Investment ServiceNow could provide a strong ROI despite past stumbles. Crossfuze used a multipronged approach to achieve these objectives: X Assessment: The firm received a thorough, candid assessment of the state of the firm's ITSM operations. Crossfuze concluded that ServiceNow had been over- customized and that more short-term fixes would not work. X Discussion: The firm engaged with Crossfuze to decide the optimal course of action. Crossfuze recommended that the firm do a hard reset with ServiceNow, but considering their large investment in ServiceNow development thus far, they were hesitant to completely start over. Aer listening to the firm's concerns, Crossfuze suggested working through the system module by module instead. X Trust-building: The firm made a strategic decision to invest in an on-site Crossfuze consultant who would work directly with the IT team. The consultant took the time to interview the IT team in person about their priorities and frustrations, and observed them using ServiceNow. The on-the-ground insights she gathered helped ensure Crossfuze could optimally align its work with the firm's wants and needs. X Incremental rebuild: Once the firm gave the OK to rebuild ServiceNow one module at a time, Crossfuze's implementation specialists got to work. As each module was rebuilt, the firm reviewed and provided feedback to ensure all requirements and preferences were being met.

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