Crossfuze Case Study - Overnight Service Desk Success

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Crossfuze delivers exceptional, high-quality outcomes Crossfuze rapidly set in motion all of the steps necessary to dramatically expand the company's Managed Services capacity. Along the way, Crossfuze made sure that quality and consistency were never sacrificed. Just two weeks later, the company was extremely pleased to report the following outcomes: ▶ Maintenance of exceptionally high CSAT scores, including zero negative surveys ▶ Roughly 60 person-hours of additional support provided by Crossfuze's support desk ▶ IT support became available 24/7 ▶ Email-based routing was successfully implemented within four days ▶ Number of contacts served by Crossfuze jumped by 500% ▶ 55% resolution rate for Crossfuze-managed cases, with over 250 contacts served ▶ Crossfuze's help desk credited with rolling out certain elements that the company's IT team had previously tried but failed to successfully roll out on its own The enhanced Managed Services that Crossfuze developed for the company is continuing to pay dividends. The company cannot imagine not having access to this help desk, making it a win-win situation. The company also trusts Crossfuze now more than ever to continue implementing and managing best-in-class IT solutions. Crossfuze is the industry-recognized workflow advisory company helping organizations leverage strategic platforms to improve the employee and customer experience. LETSTALK@CROSSFUZE.COM ∙ CROSSFUZE.COM © 2020 Crossfuze. All rights reserved. LETSTALK@CROSSFUZE.COM ∙ CROSSFUZE.COM Crossfuze-CaseStudy-TechManufacturing-US-MAY20

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