10 Pillars of ServiceNow Success for CIOs

A collection of resources designed to help you make the most of your ServiceNow implementation and put you on the path to achieve early wins and gain new profits.

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2 888.829.5511 · LetsTalk@crossfuze.com · crossfuze.com A MESSAGE FROM CROSSFUZE CEO CHRIS HOWARD Welcome to the 10 Pillars of ServiceNow Success for CIOs When reimagining how you deliver services using ServiceNow, you instantly set in mo on consequen al decision steps and changes within your organiza on. The result is an enterprise transformed to modernity if you apply the 10 pillars in this book. For be er or for worse, the success of your ServiceNow implementa on relies on your resources, planning, and execu ve support. That's why it's crucial that CIOs begin the ServiceNow journey with a strong sense of purpose, a clear understanding of what they seek to deliver, and the right ServiceNow exper se. With more than a decade of experience architec ng, designing, and rolling out ServiceNow, Crossfuze has defined implementa on excellence for CIOs. Indeed, Crossfuze clients consistently tell me that ServiceNow implementa on is unlike any other IT project they've ever managed. This is reflected in our lead ranking in ServiceNow CSAT score. To help you plan for and navigate this journey, Crossfuze has developed a list of the 10 most crucial elements, or pillars, for achieving a transforma ve service management environment. Crossfuze's highly experienced and trained Process Consultants, ServiceNow Architects, and implementa on experts have put considerable thought and me into fleshing out these 10 Pillars of ServiceNow Success for CIOs. We've dis lled more than a decade of firsthand insights and wisdom into this comprehensive ServiceNow success guidebook. If you only read one thing before star ng your ServiceNow journey, read this book: It will leave you feeling encouraged, empowered, and educated about how you can deliver rapid and strategic ServiceNow wins for your organiza on. As much as I would like to tell you that reading one book will guarantee you service management and ServiceNow success, no single book can deliver such a victory. That's where Crossfuze enters the equa on. Crossfuze understands Enterprise Service Management and the requirements for ServiceNow implementa on success are about much more than just the technical configura on. ServiceNow implementa on is about naviga ng internal company viewpoints, juggling compe ng priori es, working through limited resources, managing unrealis c expecta ons, and comba ng resistance to change. Crossfuze has helped CIOs work through these issues, and succeed. It's about knowing how to avoid poten al problems and obstacles before they happen, and how to zero in on the areas where you can have the biggest impact with the most confidence. Any enterprise pla orm implementa on requires a mix of perseverance and exper se to succeed. At the same me, thousands of businesses have achieved the rapid, transforma ve ServiceNow victories they wanted. Crossfuze's 10 Pillars of ServiceNow Success for CIOs will help guide you to moving your organiza on forward. Just as importantly, I hope this book serves as a reminder that you don't need to—and shouldn't—go it alone on your journey. Our ServiceNow team is standing by ready to be of assistance; we would be honored to help you achieve your ServiceNow wins early and o en. Chris Howard Chief Execu ve Officer, Crossfuze

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