The Human Side to Digital Transformation

July 9, 2018

The future does not hit pause for anyone. Businesses are in a fierce and unforgiving race to stay relevant and be hinged to the future, not the past. Companies have a myriad of choices for spending their money to solve problems and improve their future. They can sometimes forget the business relies on the human experiences of their employees and customers.

Organizations need to align themselves with what their employees and customers need, want and expect from their very human experiences. A company can either lead with their experiences or get pushed out of the way for the most profits. Digital transformation is a core contributor to more human experiences. To continue this conversation, read the full-length blog post: 5 Ways Technology Unlocks Our Ability To Be Human Now.

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Michelle Brockney: Her 5-Year ServiceNow Success Story
Michelle Brockney: Her 5-Year ServiceNow Success Story

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Smart Launch for ServiceNow ITSM Demo


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