A true partner, every step of the way

Crossfuze is a ServiceNow gold-level partner with over 500 successful enterprise implementations. We live and breathe enterprise service management and know how to use ServiceNow to achieve an enterprise services roadmap and advantage.

Why Crossfuze?

  • Reimagined Services with a roadmap to get there, faster: We align service solutions to your short-term and long-term business strategies. A tailored mix of a powerful services platform, development skills, and industry-recognized client satisfaction values ensure your services roadmap is achieved. You will be able to move with speed and confidence.
  • Architectural Insight from ServiceNow Architects: We ensure that the design of your implementations remains harmonious with the ServiceNow architecture. Our architects helped develop the original ServiceNow platform, so we have a rare understanding of the platform.
  • ServiceNow Mastery that gives you an edge: Our team of ServiceNow developers have mastered the ServiceNow platform so you gain a competitive edge. We aren’t simply implementation specialists — we are business strategists — and we aren’t afraid to challenge assumptions to improve your business.
  • Proprietary Turnkeys that get you down the road: Our ServiceNow architectural insight combined with customer needs inspired us to develop several proprietary turnkey applications. These ServiceNow Turnkeys allow customers to get the desired financial return on the ServiceNow investment faster with safety and agility.
  • Peace of Mind knowing you have a project guarantee: We help you identify your needs and get to work right away. Our clients will tell you that we always put their needs first. We are the only ServiceNow partner in the world that will guarantee your satisfaction.

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ServiceNow Success for CIOs

What the Industry is Saying About Crossfuze

Crossfuze is easy to work with. They add tremendous value with their experience and creativity with ServiceNow. The best part is that they know how to maximize the ServiceNow platform. They stick to the schedule, even when there are unexpected curves in the road. They always will go out of their way to provide a great experience.

Manager of ERP Systems

Global Food Products company

Crossfuze rescued the project without affecting the original timeline. The last rollout and double upgrade were the most efficient, best executed upgrade of any platform I have been involved in over my 15+ years working in Service Management.

Global ITSM Manager

Global Consumer Products Company

Working with Crossfuze is one of the joys of my development life. They consistently suggest solutions to problems that I would not have considered—and the solutions delivered are easy to maintain and to enhance. Their ‘value-add’ is extremely high.

Mary Barrett

Application Architect, County of Ventura